We all agree purchasing a walk in bathtub involves careful consideration and it may be a lengthened process in time. Rightfully so! Purchasing a walk in tub is a 360-degree process where the client not only needs to meet his/her needs in terms of attaining bathing independence and comfort, but also consider brand reputation, manufacturing expertise and, of course, pricing!

I usually mention to my clients that making a walk in tub purchase decision based exclusively on price is surely a shortcut to future challenges with their tub purchase.
We have seen a good fare of not-so-bright scenarios resulting from the purchase of the so-called “cheap” walk in tubs. In fact, they do not end up being a cheaper alternative to the client, after all. Here are some of the most common challenging scenarios many clients face as a result of the purchase of a cheap walk in tub:

  • Components work only for a short time and continuously fail afterwards. For example, after certain usage, air pumps stop working due to the poor quality components used
  • Door leakage resulting from the defective or non-optimal seal system used in these tubs
  • Lack of a post-sale team able to provide repair services for those defective components
  • Tub installers are not professional installers, but sub-contractors
  • Parts for repair are hard to find as the tubs are not manufactured by a reputable brand in the market.

However, not all walk in bathtubs are created equal and there is a good share of brands in the market that have stood the test of time and display unsurpassed quality in its craftsmanship. American Standard and Safety Tubs by American Standard are fine examples of this.

With over 140 years of proven quality, American Standard is fully immersed in the home health sector in Canada with its own manufacturing facilities where the American Standard walk in tubs are made. This guarantees the brand will be able to provide efficient and quick post-sale repair service in case of need.

With more certifications than any other walk in tub in the industry, American Standard features the only walk in tub with a patented Quick Drain® system allowing bath to drain in less than 2 minutes at the touch of a button. and a door system?????. And last, but not least, American Standard walk in tubs and safety showers come with a limited lifetime warranty on both tub and professional installation. These features are widely copied by others, but never equalled in terms of performance and craftsmanship levels.

Add to the above the free walk in tub mobile showroom consultation; a unique added-value service provided jointly by American Standard and the Walk in Tub Company. Gone are the days you had to commute to a home health care location to experience a walk in tub prior to purchase. Now you will be able to “test drive” both the inward opening and outward opening walk in tubs in the comfort of your own location and receive a firm estimate that is valid for an entire year.

My word of advice: do not give in to high pressure sale tactics, take your time to research the market and understand real product value by considering not only price, but also brand reputation, supplier’s ability to provide a post-sale service and product performance.

Purchasing a walk in tub is a serious endeavour with a long term impact on the quality of your life. A walk in tub purchase needs to be synonym of peace of mind.

Happy walk in tub purchase to you!


Rick Fangeat

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24 Sep 2015

Rick Fangeat

Rick Fangeat is not only the man at the helm of the Walk in Tub Company, but also your trusted source for anything you need to know in connection to walk in tubs and safety showers. Having experienced for himself how family members can sometimes find themselves facing health issues that challenge their independence and mobility, Rick is adept at sharing valuable and straight-forward insights on ways to enhance accessibility and safety for individuals with physical limitations.