The process of selecting the right barrier free walk in shower for yourself or a relative can be an exhausting task with so many options available in the market. As we understand the importance given to this type of investment (yes, it is an investment with a critical impact on your lifestyle!), we recommend you give careful consideration to a number of elements to help you navigate through the selection process.

Key elements to consider when purchasing an accessible walk in shower are design, functionality, safety features, adaptability to your current bathroom layout, ability to meet the user’s current and future bathing needs, warranty and maintenance.

This article will focus on Swan barrier free walk in showers. It will provide key facts you need to know about this brand and why it is widely favoured as the ultimate accessible bathing solution.

Let’s start from the beginning. Swan accessible walk in showers are made of Swanstone.


The Swan line of accessible roll in showers is made of Swanstone, a compression-molded compound that consists of a blend of polymer resins, fillers and reinforcement additives.

If you are considering potential brands to purchase a walk in shower from, here are key facts you need to know about Swanstone barrier free walk in shower:

  • Highest resistance to heat – A Swanstone walk in shower resists up to 450◦ , the highest performance in the industry. This means no hot liquids or objects, can damage a Swanstone shower floor or wall surface. Walls can even handle steamer units.
  • Five times stronger than other solid surfaces – This means Swan walk in showers are virtually a bunker! They won`t break or chip even when hit with blunt force.
  • Stain resistant – Walk in showers made of Swanstone repel common damaging chemical products. So neither hair dyes, acetone, bleach or abrasive products can make a dent on this surface. No matter how well a user takes cares of his/her Swan walk in shower, it will always remain in its original condition.
  • Virtually maintenance free – A Swan walk in shower won’t mold or mildew. With no grout to be scrubbed off, it is easy to clean and it won’t require you to do anything out of your ordinary cleaning routine.

These many advantages explain why Swan accessible bath products are widely used in the residential, educational and healthcare facilities across Canada.


Swan Retrofit Shower Floor

  • The retrofit shower floor allows for aging in place and easier access to bathing facilities without replacing existing plumbing.
  • This model features a lower threshold than standard floors for easy entry and exit
  • Without expensive plumbing re-work, this floor can be installed in the same area once occupied by a standard bathtub.
  • Reinforced solid floor surface guaranteeing color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away.
  • A versatile installation options allows roll in shower to be installed in either left or right-hand drain.
  • Pebbled, slip-resistant surface to prevent slips and falls.

Swan Remodel Barrier Free Shower Floor

  • Designed with a low threshold for wheelchairs to easily enter the shower.
  • These shower floors fit standard bathtub area and replace a bathtub without removing existing plumbing.
  • Can be recessed for flush mounting or can be used with a ramp.
  • Meets ADA accessibility requirements for use in existing bathing facilities.
  • Reinforced solid surface means color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away.
  • Will not mold or mildew, no grout to clean.
  • Pebbled, slip-resistant surface to prevent slips and falls
  • Coordinates with Swanstone shower and bath systems.
  • Barrier free floor shower ramp has a slip-resistant surface and will not mold or mildew

Swan barrier free walk in showers offer versatile installation options to either replace an existing bathtub or to retrofit your existing bathroom for an independent and safe bathing experience. The chart below illustrates the advantages of each installation option.


Safety and accessibility are the cornerstone of a Swan walk in shower. All Swan roll in showers are equipped with an L-shaped stainless steel grab bar that is complaint with ADA accessibility guidelines. Its ergonomic design allows use on either side wall


Swanstone is built to last a lifetime… and yes, this is a big statement, but to stand behind such claim Swan has conducted some serious testing you may think extreme, but they validate the strength and integrity of their products.

Some of this testing includes submerging Swanstone products in acetone for 24 hours, baking a Swanstone product at 450 degrees for 45 minutes, or conducting an impact test on a Swanstone surface

After watching these tests you may agree Swan products do walk the walk!

We believe shopping around for a barrier free walk in shower should not be a strenuous task. As you may consider a number of potential brands to purchase from, here we resume the key facts you should know about a Swan accessible walk in shower; namely, an affordable brand that uniquely combines great looks, lifetime durability and true barrier free design.



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11 May 2016

Rick Fangeat

Rick Fangeat is not only the man at the helm of the Walk in Tub Company, but also your trusted source for anything you need to know in connection to walk in tubs and safety showers. Having experienced for himself how family members can sometimes find themselves facing health issues that challenge their independence and mobility, Rick is adept at sharing valuable and straight-forward insights on ways to enhance accessibility and safety for individuals with physical limitations.