Are you one of the lucky ones who are 65-years young and still feel as if you are thirty? If it only weren’t for those bothering hips! Or perhaps your parents are getting there and it has become increasingly challenging for them to get around? You understand your parents’ desire to remain independent; yet you worry for their safety when alone in their home. You may have entertained the idea of installing a walk-in tub at their place, but did not move ahead because you thought their cost was prohibitive. Well, let us share promising news that may help you reconsider your position.

As a matter of fact, purchasing and installing a walk-in tub might cost you less than what you think thanks to the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit. It offers up to 15% back on eligible expenses to Ontario seniors and family members for home renovations which help to improve the safety and accessibility of seniors at home.

Some families frequently find themselves faced with the tough decision of moving a dear family member to an assisted living facility in the light of their inability to undertake costly renovations required to enhance their mobility and accessibility at home. Such decisions are unquestionable, but, contrary to what many believe, renovating your home can be more cost-effective
than moving to assisted living.

Assisted living facilities range from $1500 – $5000 per month which amounts to up to $67,800 per year. Renovating your home to accommodate aging parents can be more cost effective than re-locating them to a facility away from the family. Home renovation grants for seniors make home renovations for seniors even more doable.

Let’s crunch some numbers. Let’s say it costs $9,000 to install a walk-in tub to ensure your dear relative can stay at home with you and be able to lead an independent life and bathe safely. Thanks to these home renovation grants you could receive up to $1350 back.

Do you qualify?

To determine if you qualify, answer these two questions:

1. Are you, or will you be 65 years or older by the end of the year for which you are claiming the

2. Are you living with a family member who is a senior?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions then you qualify. And your income does not

What to look for in a walk in tub contractor?

So now with the good news that it can be cost-effective for your family member or yourself to stay right where you are, finding the right walk in tub contractor is important. Here are a few things to consider when shopping around:

  • Variety – You will want to find a company which offers a variety of products. You need a product that fits your needs, not the other way around.
  • Someone who listens – Every customer has different needs and expectations. Your contractor should listen to yours and help find the right product for your lifestyle.
  • Safety – Safety is of utmost importance. Ask your contractor about the safety features or their products. Beware of poor quality walk-in tubs which come with a very restrictive warranty and whose parts are difficult to replace in case of damage. This is often the case below-standard rates walk in tubs. A low-cost walk-in bathtub can become a big expense in the long run!
  • Cost – Senior renovation credits sure do help, but you also need the best value for your money. Your contractor should provide a written estimate. Go for the contractors who provide a quote and are able to honour their pricing for an extended period of time. You may not be ready to invest in a walk-in tub right away. Knowing you have been given an estimate that will be effective for a long time (in some cases, up to year) is a true indicator of how serious and professional your contractor is. So when you are ready to move forward with the installation, your contractor will honour the quote he provided a while ago.
  • Referrals – Ask you contractor for referrals from customers. There is no greater validation regarding the quality of service than that coming from actual customers. Go ahead and ask questions to unveil the truth about the quality of the service your contractor provides., that is
  • Warranty – What happens if you have a technical problem after your walk in tub has been installed? Does your contractor provide a warranty? Peace of mind is an important consideration. When discussing warranty with your contractor as part of the initial quote process, be specific in your questions and make sure you fully understand the details of their warranty, that is what is covered and what it is not. A walk in tub is a necessity of living as we age. Even if you do not quite need a walk in tub yet, if you are over 65, why not consider one? A walk in tub can enhance considerably the quality of your lifestyle. Besides the walk in benefits, there are some wonderful features of many walk in tubs

The outward-opening feature (this is a more versatile feature for walk-in tubs and frankly, the way to go when deciding type of walk-in tub to choose)

  • Quick drain system allowing tub to drain tub in 2 minutes or less.
  • Massaging jets, air-bubble massage, contours to fit your body, deep soaking and more.

Oh, and do not forget about those senior renovation credits. They will certainly help you make your walk in tub more affordable! Go ahead and install one today. Enjoy it for years to come knowing you have made a sound investment in the quality towards the quality of your life! Take advantage of the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit and future-proof your home.

To calculate your tax credit, go to: to find out how much you can save to enjoy your home longer and more safely.

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10 Nov 2015

Rick Fangeat

Rick Fangeat is not only the man at the helm of the Walk in Tub Company, but also your trusted source for anything you need to know in connection to walk in tubs and safety showers. Having experienced for himself how family members can sometimes find themselves facing health issues that challenge their independence and mobility, Rick is adept at sharing valuable and straight-forward insights on ways to enhance accessibility and safety for individuals with physical limitations.