wheelchair-icon-49725The universal design of barrier-free walk in showers by Swan guarantees independent and safe showering with easy entry and exit from shower. Accessible walk in showers by Swan are designed with longevity in mind. They will withstand intense use over time and require very little upkeep. With no grout to clean, barrier-free walk in showers by Swan are virtually maintenance-free!
barrier free shower

Key features

  • A low threshold allows wheelchair to roll directly into the shower
  • Swan shower floors fit standard bathtub area and replace a bathtub without removing existing plumbing
  • Made from Swanstone, a non-porous surface that naturally resists bacteria and it is highly resistant to scratching, staining, heat, mold, mildew and chemicals
  • Barrier-free walk in showers by Swan meet ADA accessibility requirements for use in existing bathing facilities
  • Versatile installation options available for walk in showers with either a left- or right-hand side drain.

The highest performance solid surface for walk in showers

Swanstone, the solid surface material used in barrier free walk in showers by Swan, is built to last a lifetime. Here is why:

 Impervious to chemicals

Swanstone withstands prolonged exposure to common corrosive solvents like gasoline, acids like nail polish remover and bases like Drano®. Stains can easily be removed with common household cleaners.

Highly resistant to heat

Swanstone withstands prolonged heat up to 450°. Hot pots, boiling water and curling irons cannot burn or harm a Swanstone surface – cultured marble and other solid surfaces can’t claim the same!

Impact resistant

Swanstone has the best impact resistance in the industry. It is  up to five times stronger than any other cast polymer! As a result, pound for pound – and pounding after pounding – Swanstone solid surface stands up to heavy duty abuse far beyond daily use.


Swanstone means low maintenance with high performance

When it comes to durability, Swanstone is the best high-performance surface for ultimate bathing solutions in your home.

  • Heat-resistant to 450 degrees, the highest in the industry
  • Five times stronger than other solid surfaces. It won’t break, even when hit with blunt force
  • No surface coating to crack or chip
  • No grout to clean


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