Warranty Information + Technical Support

Our products carry the manufacturer’s warranty. American Standard walk-in tubs, and Safety Tub® walk-in tubs are 100% factory tested, which means that a stringent quality control process is performed before the tubs leave the production facility. The performance of our tubs is backed by a comprehensive, quality assurance warranty. Part of this process includes water testing prior to leaving our manufacturing facility, to further ensure that no leaking, draining or blockage issues arise during the use of your tub.

The warranty work is carried out through a nationwide network of service agents and a customer service department, ready to help you with any aspect of your purchase.

All American Standard and Safety Tubs® walk-in tubs feature a range of 5 to 15-year warranty on the bathtub – depending on the model – and a Lifetime Guarantee on the tub door seal.

Post sale services

The Walkin Tub Company is fully committed to premium customer service and to your complete enjoyment of our products. We will make sure that any defective part of the tub is either replaced or repaired, at no cost during the term of the warranty. Our service agents will take care of your needs, ensuring that the repair or replacement process is carried out seamlessly, promptly and professionally. Simply call us at 1-844-867-7737.