Senior Discount & Tax Credit

$1000 Senior Discount

The Walkin Tub Company Inc. offers seniors an ongoing discount of $1000* to help them with the purchase of a new American Standard or Safety Tubs® walk in tub.

Installing a walk in tub for a reliable and enjoyable bathing experience should not be a burden to you. A number of assistance programs are available to help you with the cost of making your home safer and more accessible.


*$1000 discount cannot be combined with any other special offer or promotion. Conditions apply.

The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit

The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit is a permanent, refundable personal income tax credit for seniors and family members who live with them. The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit can help with the costs of improving safety and accessibility in your home. If you qualify, you can claim up to $10,000 worth of eligible home improvements on your tax return. The amount of money you get back for these expenses is calculated as 15 per cent of the eligible expenses you claim. For example, if you spend and then claim $10,000 worth of eligible expenses, you could get $1,500 back.

Qualification criteria

To qualify for the credit, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • 65 years old or older by the end of the year for which you are claiming the credit; or
  • If you are living with a senior relative in your home, you could qualify for a total tax credit of up to $1,500 every year, regardless of income.
  • Your income doesn’t matter — seniors and their family members at all income levels are eligible.

Maximum claim

You can claim up to $10,000 worth of eligible expenses per year.


Save your receipts for any modifications you make. You will not have to submit them with your tax return, but you will have to keep them in case the Canada Revenue Agency asks you to verify your expenses.,

For more information about the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit, visit: or call 1-866-ONT-TAXS (668-8297) or 1-800-263-7776 for teletypewriter.

March of Dimes

mod_logoThe Home & Vehicle Modification® Program was established by the Government of Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services in 1999 and it is administered by Ontario March of Dimes.

Ontario March of Dimes’ Home & Vehicle Modification® Program provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle modifications. The program is intended to assist permanent Ontario residents with a substantial impairment expected to last one year or more. By reducing or eliminating life safety risks, these modifications enable children and adults with mobility restrictions to continue living in their homes, avoid job loss and participate in their communities.

As there is limited funding, applicants are encouraged to first access any other sources of available public or private funding before applying to this program.
Consumers who meet program criteria can apply for grant funding:

  • up to $15,000 lifetime maximum for home modifications
  • up to $15,000 every ten years for vehicle modifications

Please note The Home & Vehicle Modification® Program is available only in Ontario.

For more information on the Home & Vehicle Modification Program®, please visit:

Peel Renovates

Peel Renovates is a new renovation assistance program launched by the Region of Peel to provide funding to low-income homeowners who require immediate repairs or upgrades to their home.

Two categories of funding are available for one-time assistance:

  • up to $16,000 per household for major home repairs and/or accessibility renovations or upgrades
  • up to $3,500 per household for minor home renovations and adaptations for seniors

Eligible applicants will have a maximum household annual gross income of $50,000 or less; own their home – the maximum value of which is $447,004 or less; live in Peel region (Brampton, Caledon or Mississauga); and, demonstrate a need for renovation assistance or accessibility upgrades to remain in their home.

Examples of repairs include:

Structural, electrical, plumbing, window replacements, septic or water well systems, insulation upgrades, heating and fire safety. Accessibility upgrades to accommodate persons with disabilities include: ramps, handrails/grab bars; chair lifts; height to adjustments to counters, light switches or outlets; washroom renovation; and, alternate cues for doorbells and fire detection devices.

Annual funding for Peel Renovates is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all funding is dispersed for the year, a notice will be posted on the website.

To apply, visit or call 905-791-7800 ext. 3535.

TD Bank Financing Options Available

TD Bank also offers a wide variety of financing options to assist you with your bathroom upgrade project. Ask us about available financing options through TD Bank.

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