Enjoy a truly accessible, safe and independent bathing experience with our barrier free walk in tubs and showers

American Standard’s barrier free walk in tubs eliminate the struggle and strain associated with getting into standard bathtubs.


The Comfort Series® barrier free walk in tubs by American Standard American provide added convenience and interior space when entering and exiting the bath. Its outward opening door model is ideal for wheelchair users as it provides enough space to bathe comfortably without sacrificing convenience, safety and performance.

Quality features of the American Standard barrier free walk in tubs for unmatched performance include:

  • Low entry that guarantees a hassle-free transfer in and out of the tub
  • Patented Outward opening door system with a lifetime no-leak guarantee
  • Quick Drain® option. No need to wait for the water to drain before opening the door. Water drains in less than 2 minutes.
  • Built-in safety bar for enhanced safety
  • Standard height of a Comfort Series® barrier free walk in tub is 42″. Compare to most walk in tubs in the market that offer only 37″ or 38″ high walk in tubs.


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American Standard barrier free tubs enhance independent living with your safety and comfort in mind.

Swan’s barrier free showers eliminate barriers providing easy access and independence for users

Barrier-free walk in showers by Swan are designed with easy entry and exit in mind. A low threshold is a must, allowing a wheelchair to roll into the shower and facilitate the transfer from a wheelchair onto a shower seat.

Quality features of Swan`s barrier free showers include:

  • Swan shower floors fit standard bathtub areas and replace a bathtub without removing existing plumbing
  • The retrofit floor offers versatile installation options for walk in showers with either a left- or right-hand side drain.
  • Made from Swanstone, a non-porous surface that naturally resists bacteria and it is highly resistant to scratching, staining, heat, mold, mildew and chemicals
  • With no grout to clean, barrier-free walk in showers by Swan are virtually maintenance-free!
  • No surface coating to crack or chip


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When it comes to accessibility and durability, barrier free walk in showers by Swan are the best high-performance bathing solutions for your home.

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Our barrier free tubs and showers can help you maintain your independence and keep your lifestyle without relocating outside your home.

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