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Best Quality

I did a lot of research on walk in tubs before I decided to purchase the Safety Tubs walk in bath brand. I wanted the best quality, features, minute drain safety  feature, and I got it! We just love our new Safety Tubs bathtub! The staff from The Walkin Tub Company was professional, courteous and fully knowledgeable about making our bathroom as safe as possible. The other 5 companies I spoke with, could not answer all of my questions, were very pushy in trying to get me to buy their inferior tubs, and their prices were much higher for less features than what I happily purchased from The Walkin Tub Company... and a trusted name brand like Safety Tubs from American Standard.

- Marie Brown

Enjoying the Jets and Heat on Our New Safety Tub

We decided to remodel 2 bathrooms (one very small and another  very large - but seldom used)  while we were still able to. Our goal was to keep a tub in the home knowing that currently a standing shower will get the most use. We each have some health issues that may limit us in years to come. Finding this Safety Tubs walk in tub fit our dual purpose and enjoying the water jets and heating element, as well as the Minute Drain safety option, were all big bonuses. My husband of 50 years and I love the looks of the tub in our new larger bathroom. Everyone involved from The Walkin Tub Company in the purchasing, delivery and installation process was helpful, polite and friendly.

- Jackie Glenn

Relieves My Aches and Pains

Thank you for offering such a wonderful product! My Safety Tubs walk in tub relieves my aches and pains every evening and my children don't worry about me falling in the bathroom anymore. It has changed my life!

- anonymous

Best Investment in My Home

I had the safety tub installed for my 92 year old mother's safety. We just love it. It is my mother's favorite item in the house. She insists on showing it to everyone who visits us. The walk in tub is one of the best investments in my home. I am so grateful to my interior designer, Marie Baity, for recommending The Walkin Tub Company, as they clearly explained all the options and safety features, and their price was thousands less than any of the companies advertising on TV, and they did the installation in one day!!! Clean and perfect, and they installed a new proper height, water efficient toilet at no extra cost.

- Carolyn Janne

Very Helpful with M.S.

The Walkin Tub Company finished the installation of the walk in bathtub on March 11th/2012. I've sent a couple of pictures. Note that the tub is recessed into the floor by about 2 1/2 inches, reducing the step over to less than 1 inch, very helpful with the MS. My physical therapist helped me to figure out how to maneuver in and out of the tub. It is just wonderful!!!

- M.W.

Mini Miracle

I am so impressed with all my Safety Tubs walk in tub features and what it does for my back and rest of my body. The Safety Tub is beautifully designed for comfort and use, and I really feel it should be "must have" in anyone's home. The water experience is so wonderful, therapuetic, relaxing and a grand way to end your day, a couple hours before bedtime. The pains have disappeared. A "mini miracle" now sits in my bathroom and I love it!!! My whole experience with the staff at The Walkin Tub Company is something I tell all my friends about, they are experts in their recommendations and workmanship, and helped in showing me which Government Grants to apply for in paying for my bathroom renovations.

- M. A. Baykowski

Great Technical Suppoort

As a contractor, The Walkin Tub Company Inc. is a great company to work with; they meet all the criteria that is required and needed in a supplier, installers, and warranty services team. They are  very organized in terms of  work scheduling and always have the technical support when you need it. Safety Tubs is a quality product and no warranty service has ever been needed in any of the senior condominium complexes we have built, and now we offer Safety Tubs walk in tubs, as a standard bathroom safety feature for all our new customers.

- Davidson Construction

The Best Thing

The Safety Tubs walk in tub we purchased is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We called all the companies advertising on TV and they only sent over pushy sales people who wanted thousands more for inferior walk in tubs and no brand name or all based in BC. We saved over $7,000.00 by buying from The Walkin Tub Company and they are Ontario based and were very professional in all aspects. The most expensive walk in tub only had an air pump and nothing else, and that has zero therapeutic value.

- A. Moncrief

Luxury and Comfort For Now and the Future

My wife and I started our bathtub search by looking at traditional whirlpool tubs and we stumbled upon Safety Tubs® by accident. Neither one of us currently has issues getting in and out of tubs, but we both realize that day may not be far off. So, after doing our homework, we decided to buy a Safety Tubs® walk in tub. I'm thrilled with our decision. I absolutely love the luxury of the Total Massage System. It's just like having a Jacuzzi, only the chair makes bathing and soaking a far more comfortable experience. And my wife loves how gorgeous it looks in our master bathroom, too. This purchase not only helps tremendously at the end of a tiring day, but it also looks beautiful!

- J. McBride

Promotes Comfort

The built-in chair in my Safety Tubs® walk in tub is the perfect height. It allows me to sit easily while I bathe and is much more comfortable than standing. And the hand-held shower unit makes showering a snap.

- E. Alvarez

Safety Features Offer Peace of Mind

After I fell and broke my hip last year, my daughter worried about me getting in and out of my bathtub, so she bought me a Safety Tubs® walk in tub. I love it! All the thoughtful safety features have brought peace of mind to both of us.


- G. Hale

Makes Bathing Easy

I suffer from limited mobility and getting in and out of a tub was out of the question before my Safety Tubs walk in tub. Now, I just walk through the tub door, sit down and voila, I enjoy a wonderful bathing experience. The only walk in tub we could find with an independent Consumers Digest rating.

-B. K Brown

Curbs Arthritis Pain

My Safety Tubs walk in tub has changed my life. The Hydro Massage Jet System has turned my baths into therapeutic sessions that noticeably curb my arthritis pain, and the Minute Drain feature is just perfect for getting out of the tub quickly.

-B. Hasting