Buying a walk in tub is an exercise that requires some time. It starts with assessing the pros and cons of the countless options available. And it ends with the final decision of who to buy from. That is an important question that in many instances is overlooked, but it can make a big difference in your purchase.

You may buy a walk in tub from either a vendor specialized in accessible bathing solutions, a big box store, a second hand sale (generally a used tub) or a TV advertising agency. This article will explain the reasons why it’s important to purchase a walk-in tub from a professional walk in tub installation company like The Walkin Tub Company.

Additional advertising costs are passed onto the final price of the walk in tub

TV advertising agencies offset some of their advertising costs by transferring a portion of said costs to the final price of the tubs they feature on TV. Hence, the buyer ends up taking a “hit” that is both unnecessary and does not necessarily reflect a higher quality product.

Professional Installation sold separately at an additional cost

Most big box stores and TV advertising agencies sell you the walk in tub separate from professional installation. Customers are given the option to either arrange installation on their own at their own expense or the store/agency sells the installation through an external service provider of their choice at an additional cost. Result? Customer ends up paying more.

When it comes to installation, it is recommended to learn more about the installer. After all, the proper functioning of the walk in tub relies entirely on his expertise. Most big box offices sell walk in tubs with installation performed by a general contractor and not a licensed professional installer. And there is a big difference between them. A general contractor in many cases lacks the technical expertise to tackle complex installations and is not insured which could put the customer in a precarious situation in case of a post sale repair service. In contrast, a licensed installer is bonded and will be able to stand behind his work if need be. Let alone the significantly higher number of walk in tub installations a licensed installer has compared to a general contractor.

Deficient warranty from Big Box stores and TV Advertising Agencies

Warranty for a walk in tub needs to be comprehensive and has to be effective for a significant period of time (do not trust companies offering 5 year warranties!). TV advertising agencies offer limited warranty on the product and even more limited warranty on professional installation if it is arranged through them. We recommend customers to look for products that have lifetime warranty as this is a real indicator of the quality and reputation of the brand in question.

The Takeaway

The choice of purchase is ultimately the customer’s. To ensure a succesful shopping experience, we recommmed you apply the following rules to your walk in tub purchase:

1. Look for a single walk in tub price from your vendor including both tub cost and professional installation. Avoid dealing with 2 separate vendors as this will increase your final price

2. Understand what goes into your tub price so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary add-ons

3. Reputation, reputation, reputation. Brand reputation says a lot of the type of experience you will have with your walk in tub once it is installed at home. Avoid “fly by night” brands.

4. Warranty needs to be applicable to both walk in tub and professional installation. Lifetime warranty on tub parts is desirable.

5. Go with the vendor featuring a reputable brand and a solid track record of customer service specially post- sale

6. Ensure your installer is fully licensed and bonded.

Buying a walk in tub from a vendor specialized in accessible bathing solutions is the recommended path that guarantees peace of mind long term. They have the expertise and resources to ensure you are well served long after your purchase has been completed.
Our recommendation: Take the time to research the options available and, most importantly, know thy seller.

Happy walk in tub shopping!



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07 Jul 2016

Rick Fangeat

Rick Fangeat is not only the man at the helm of the Walk in Tub Company, but also your trusted source for anything you need to know in connection to walk in tubs and safety showers. Having experienced for himself how family members can sometimes find themselves facing health issues that challenge their independence and mobility, Rick is adept at sharing valuable and straight-forward insights on ways to enhance accessibility and safety for individuals with physical limitations.